Stories of Success

Mariame Succes Story Image_EDITED

Senegalese Woman Leads Rural Bank Training Efforts in the North

Mariame Harouna Ba, President of the Namarel epicenter, is a founding member of the Namarel rural bank. She served as…

Francisca Image_EDITED

The Hunger Project-Mexico Helps Francisca Find Her Confidence

Women have little to no freedom of speech in the public space in Chiapas, Mexico. This leads to a culture…

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Dianda Becomes A Committee Member And Expands His Business

“My name is Dianda Gombogo, I am from the village of Boulkon in Burkina Faso. I am a peasant farmer…

Nurunnahar Monzu_EDITED

Nurunnahar Rose Out of Poverty and now Raises Awareness on Early Marriage Prevention

Nurunnahar Monzu is a woman leader from Kewra, a village in the Jhalakathi district of Barisal region of Bangladesh. She…

Huluage Badebo_ EDITED

Huluager Badebo, Mesqan Epicenter SACCO Committee Member

Huluager (Hulu) Badebo is a 45-year-old widowed mother of six. When her sixth child was born, Hulu’s husband passed away, leaving her…

Cecilia Success Story Image_EDITED

Cecilia Learns to Read and Write at 62 Years Old and Becomes a Community Leader

Through The Hunger Project-Ghana, Cecilia Ankrah took adult literacy courses, become literate and has raised her income.

Adelia Success Story Image2_EDITED

With Microfinance Loans and Trainings, Adélia Now Runs a Local Business in Mozambique

Adélia is a business owner and animator for The Hunger Project-Mozambique. With training and loans, Adélia was able to grow her buisness and has mobilized other women in her community to attend educational workshops, start their own businesses and advance their income levels.

Success Story Image 2_Edited

Robinah, the founding mother of Ugandan epicenters

Honorary Robinah Ssetenda, Woman Councilor of Bukasa Parish at Wakiso Sub County Council in the Wakiso District, dedicates her time to…

Success Story Image_EDITED

Zerfe Badebo celebrates success at Mesqan Epicenter in Ethiopia

Forty-year old Ms. Zerfe Badebo is an important female leader at The Hunger Project-Ethiopia. She is a member of Mesqan…

Success Story Image_EDITED

Elsa Fought Gender Inequality and Became a Leader for Indigenous Women in Peru

Elsa Cárdenas Reynaga is President of The Organization of Indigenous Women of Laramate in Peru.  I will start saying that eight years…