Isabel’s Journey with The Hunger Project’s Epicenter Strategy

November 14, 2023

Isabel, an entrepreneur and hard-working farmer from Maculuve, a rural community in Mozambique.  She is transforming her life and ensuring that her children have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.

The community grapples with the harsh conditions of hunger and poverty.


households with moderate or severe hunger


households below the poverty line

Data from 2022 

In response to these challenges, we at The Hunger Project work collaboratively and closely with community members to define clear visions for the future and commit to the sustainable eradication of hunger and poverty through our Vision, Commitment and Action (VCA) workshops. 

Isabel, who was among nearly 1,000 community members who actively participated in workshops, expressed:

Building Self-Reliance

The VCA workshops are part of our Epicenter Strategy – holistic community development approach that helps rural communities to create their own futures. The strategy aims to mobilize communities across Africa to create a self-reliant future by empowering them with the skills and resources needed to take charge of their own development through a range of programs, including health, education, agriculture and water, sanitation & hygiene. 

Invest in people today.

Isabel’s involvement in the epicenter is equipping her to take charge of her own future. She has gained knowledge and skills that have helped her improve her livelihood and become more self-reliant. For example, she learned about sustainable farming practices that have helped her increase her crop yields and improve the nutrition amongst her family.

By involving community members in every aspect of the program, from planning to implementation, empowered individuals, like Isabel, take charge of their own development.

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Photo credit (top to bottom): Isabel holding straw that she harvested from her garden and Community members in the Maculuve Epicenter and  in Mozambique, 2022; Photo for The Hunger Project