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The only sustainable way for people to move beyond chronic hunger is to employ community-led and women-centered programs that prioritize self-reliance and dignity. We support local leaders in Africa, South Asia and Latin America, where the highest number of people are living in hunger.


Of the 783 million people suffering from chronic hunger, 99% live in low and middle-income countries.


Poverty causes hunger. Almost all people facing chronic hunger are also living in poverty.

Gender Equity

Promoting women’s and girls’ rights and enhancing their capacity to overcome systemic challenges.


Building resilience to climate change is at the heart of our work across Africa, South Asia & Latin America.


HIV/AIDS affects millions of people around the world, disproportionally affecting those living in hunger & poverty.


Adequate and diverse diets are critical to healthy, productive lives — especially for women & girls. 

Water & Sanitation

Women in particular bear the brunt of the lack of availability to clean & safe water.

Local Democracy

The old saying that “All politics is local” is especially true when it comes to overcoming poverty & hunger.

Empowered Girls

When girls have the opportunity to be educated & healthy, society as a whole benefits.


Our approach empowers women and men living in rural villages to become agents of their own development.


Our community-led approach unlocks people’s capacity to act as agents of their own development.

Social Cohesion

Community trust and peace is essential to ending hunger and poverty. 


Amplifying, strengthening and expanding youth leadership across the globe to catalyze change.

Make change happen. Invest in people.

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