Thriving Mothers. Thriving World. Introducing the World Hunger Day 2024 Campaign

March 28, 2024

With the rising cost of living, conflict and climate change, malnutrition is on the rise, particularly for women and girls. The challenge extends to every country in the world—42% of people globally cannot afford a healthy diet. 

The effects of malnutrition are passed down from mother to child. Malnourished mothers give birth to malnourished babies. These children suffer irreversible impacts on their brain development and futures. It creates a cycle of chronic hunger. 

The good news: We can end malnutrition. Investing in the nutrition of mothers, mothers-to-be and their children breaks the cycle and creates a world where we can all thrive. 

That’s why for this year’s World Hunger Day, we are spearheading the “Thriving Mothers. Thriving World.” campaign. This is a global moment to raise awareness about the pervasive issue of malnutrition and to support communities as they break the cycle of hunger. 

“We must address malnutrition before we can achieve any of the other Sustainable Development Goals. An investment in preventing malnutrition is not just an investment for the moment –  it is truly an investment in a future thriving world,” said Grace Chikowi, Country Leader, The Hunger Project-Malawi, said in a recent media briefing that launched the World Hunger Day 2024 campaign. 

What steps will you take to end malnutrition?

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Share Your Story 

Breastfeeding and ensuring children have good nutrition is hard work. Share your story and words of encouragement for women around the world! We will share a selection of stories online and with women in rural communities across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Inspire Nutritious Eating

Post your favorite nutrient-packed recipe today on social media – and remember, even the simplest recipes can make a big impact! Use the hashtag #WorldHungerDay2024 and tag @TheHungerProject.

Become a World Hunger Day Champion

We have developed toolkits for social media engagement, corporate/employee engagement and media to help spread the message of World Hunger Day around the world.

Invest in Mothers

Access to nutrition education can be one of the most powerful interventions to prevent malnutrition. When we support and uplift mothers, we’re not just helping families, but building stronger communities.

Image: Malawi, 2023 ©The Hunger Project 

Stay Informed
Stay connected to The Hunger Project and join a community committed to creating a world without hunger.
Stay Informed
Stay connected to The Hunger Project and join a community committed to creating a world without hunger.