Read, Watch, Listen: Transforming our Global Food System

October 23, 2023
Guday Tirfe in Ethiopia in 2019 picking vegetables from her garden. Photo taken by Johannes Odé for The Hunger Project

There is a global effort to transform our food systems to ensure healthy, nutritious food for all.

The Hunger Project is amplifying the lessons we’ve learned about creating sustainable, local food systems in partnership with communities in this global conversation. 

Read the latest press and catch our team from around globe speaking on this hot topic throughout the fall:


Treat World Hunger like the Crisis it is 

Insights from Malin Flemström, Country Director, The Hunger Project-Sweden, about what it will take to transform our food systems. 

How Women in Africa Are Working to End Hunger and Food Insecurity

Meet Hunger Project participants Stella, Hadija and Aminata, who are leading the transformation of their communities.   

We Need Healthier Food Systems.

A republication of a blog post by Tim Prewitt, President and CEO, that outlines how community-level food systems can be strengthened.

Op-Ed: Answer to hunger and obesity is quality in farming, not quantity

Advice from Tim Prewitt about where agricultural research and development investment should be directed and why.

Magazine: Vice Versa Global Special on Zero Hunger 

4 articles about The Hunger Project’s work in Malawi and Ethiopia, including an interview with Rowlands Kaotcha, Global Vice President and Director for Africa and Mexico. 

Event Recap: 10 ways to Challenge Global Food Systems

Key takeaways from THP-Sweden’s October workshop with experts about the changes needed to improve our global food systems


World Food Day Live

Rowlands Kaotcha, Global Vice President and Director for Africa and Mexico, speaks about why World Food Day is important to The Hunger Project. 

Development Dispatch 

Irene Naikaali, Country Director, THP-Uganda shares about why agriculture and climate change are so connected and how The Hunger Project is supporting communities throughout Africa to strengthen their climate resilience. 

Senator Rob Black’s Parliamentary Statement on The Hunger Project-Canada

Canadian Senator Rob Black commends The Hunger Project on our work in Canada and around the world. 

Webinar: Transforming global food systems in the context of global crises 

Rowlands Kaotcha speaks about the global crises driving hunger and steps we can take to transform the food system 

Uganda Parliamentary Alliance on Food and Nutrition Security Press Conference

Gerald Kato, THP-Uganda and Right2Grow Consortium Coordinator, speaks to Ugandan press about the importance of policy around food storage. 


Podcast: Why The Vegas Buffet Isn’t The Way: Digging into The Hunger Project 

Listen to Tim Prewitt, President and CEO, talk about how community-led development and localizing food systems can create a world without hunger.

Photo Credit: Guday from Ethiopia, 2019
Photo by Johannes Odé for The Hunger Project