Florencia Gains New Vision for Herself and Her Community

January 31, 2018

Florencia Hernández Rubio is one of our partners living in the community of Paxquid, Mexico. She is one of the more than 11,000 indigenous women with whom we work in the country, empowering them with tools to build their own cooperatives and advance their political rights.

My name is Florencia Hernández Rubio, I am an indigenous woman and I speak Nahualt. I live in the community of Paxquid, Tampamolón Corona, in SLP. I am 43 years old, I am a widow, and I am very happy to be a catalyst.”

Florencia explains how The Hunger Project has turned her life around.

“Before THP, my vision was obscured. I thought I was worthless and that there was nothing else in the future for me. But now my life has changed. I realize that I am a worthy person, I consider myself proudly indigenous and I know that I am worth a lot.”

Now, with a new outlook on life, Florencia wants to share her message with other women. “I want to invite all women who have gone through difficult times to rediscover their dignity. I want to be a spokesperson for this and to support women so that they have a strengthened vision about their future.”

Florencia is a source of inspiration for all members and partners in her community. She has participated in The Hunger Project’s Vision, Commitment and Action workshops (VCA) to define the collective vision of her community. Since 2013, she has taken part in several training workshops, developing her organic garden. She is currently a catalyst in her community, energizing activities that ensure the progress of community development towards self-reliance and empowerment.


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