Invest Monthly, End Hunger

Be on the cutting edge of creating a world without hunger.

Nearly 1 billion people live every day without adequate nutrition to thrive.

By investing monthly in community-led solutions to hunger, you will join a dedicated community of like-minded people taking individual and collective action to transform the systems of inequity that create hunger. 

How It Works:

1. Choose an investment amount.

The average monthly gift is $50, but any amount will accelerate an end to global hunger.

2. Make a difference every month.

With your partnership, we can transform local food systems to create a world without hunger.

3. Join our community of changemakers.

Stay connected and informed with special updates from the field about the impact of your sustaining investment.

$50/month* could train 5 leaders in Africa

on how to practice sustainable and climate resilient farming techniques that will increase local food security.

*This is an estimated cost. Please know that your investment will be used where it is needed most and can have the greatest possible impact.

Why Invest Monthly?

  • Easy & flexible (automatic and in your control).
  • Connect deeply with your impact through special communications and stories.
  • Reliability helps us plan, prepare and complete every project efficiently.
  • Cost-effective to expand your impact in building self-reliant communities.
  • Ensures our sustainability until the end of global hunger.

Our members have made a commitment to ending hunger worldwide. Sign up today to stand in partnership with our global community. Sign up today to stand in partnership with our global community – you can make an enormous difference.

Together, we can end hunger.

Image Credit (in order from top down): Bangaldesh, 2022; Burkina Faso 2022; Burkina Faso, 2022; Ethiopia, 2019. Photos for The Hunger Project.   

Make change happen. Invest in people.

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