THP-Mexico Prioritizes Self-sufficiency

May 1, 2013

Update to the Global Board

May 2013

During this reporting period THP-Mexico completed 103 key program activities with 1,338 participants. Collaboration with other NGOs has resulted in increased opportunity for community partners and further national and international recognition of THP-Mexico’s approach to grassroots development. During the last half of 2012, THP-Mexico worked with 21,380 grassroots partners across 22 communities of nine municipalities in three states: Oaxaca, Chiapas and Zacatecas. In 2013 THP-Mexico will be mobilizing a new cluster of communities in the State of San Luis Potosi with the support of a multi-year partnership with HSBC.

In Oaxaca, THP has established relationships with three NGO partners that will be responsible of the implementation of projects prioritized by the communities during the participatory rural assessments (PRAs): access to clean water throughout the year, improved housing and food sovereignty. Through determination and targeted advocacy efforts, partners from the community of Genova in Nuevo Progreso overcame local corruption and institutional obstacles that had delayed the installation of electricity in their community.

In Chiapas, community partners received training from the National Institute for Cooperatives Development and formalized a partnership with the Binational Net to begin to commercialize their products in New York. Two members of the cooperative came for the first time to Mexico City to promote their products in the annual fair of CEMEFI (the Mexican Center for Philanthropy).

In San Luis Potosí, the first meetings with strategic partners were held to expand programs in the region and introduce THP’s work and methodology.

In Zacatecas, partners from the poultry farm received consultant advice from an expert roundtable in Mexico City, where they explained obstacles they face as entrepreneurs. As a result of these consolations, the members of the poultry farm along with a multidisciplinary team of volunteer experts revised current plans for the farm which include expanding and introducing a sustainable eco-farm with additional produce and animals.

During this period, THP-Mexico also joined several advocacy campaigns such as Contrapeso and the Alianza por la Salud Alimentaria (obesity and nutritional health campaigns) which aim to counter obesity and malnutrition with funds generated through increased taxes on soft drinks and junk food. THP-Mexico also participated in advocacy meetings with the President of the Food Self-Sufficiency Committee in the Senate Chamber. Increased advocacy efforts and participation in high-level campaigns this reporting period brings THP-Mexico closer self-sufficiency, not just at the field level, but at an institutional level as well.


  • First Inter-Regional Meeting 2012. THP-Mexico organized the first inter-community meeting, where our partners from Zacatecas, Oaxaca and Chiapas converged in one place to exchange experiences and knowledge. Six of our community partners from Zacatecas traveled to Mexico City, where they met with the national staff as well as Betsy Deisroth, VP of Advancement in New York, and Scanda Cepeda Scanda, President of THP-Mexico’s Local Board. The meeting included investors, board members, national and international staff and community partners from three different regions.


May 1, 2013