The Entrepreneurship Promotion Program in Benin: Changing Lives of Youth Through Business

June 8, 2016

The Hunger Project-Benin’s Entrepreneurship Promotion Program supports entrepreneurs by providing both technical and educational support to encourage entrepreneurship and business growth. Bossou Kocou Jean is one entrepreneur who has benefited from the program.

Bossou, who is married with two children, lives in Don-Agbodougbé near Kpinnou Epicenter. His daily work includes gardening and fish farming. Before getting involved with The Hunger Project, Bossou’s work only took place during the rainy seasons on a small area of land, which greatly limited his business.

In 2010, Bossou was introduced to The Hunger Project by a youth leader at Kpinnou Epicenter. He then began attending meetings organized for the epicenter’s youth and was soon invited to the Entrepreneurship Promotion Program training, which focuses on “managing a benefit income and more specifically the use of management tools such as books of revenues and expenses.”

Bossou said the training greatly helped him in his work because he learned the details of  revenue and expenditure, which allowed him to significantly improve his income. Through the educational support fund provided by the program, Bossou was able to acquire a motor pump to improve his production. His field has now expanded and he cultivates tomatoes, fiddle and chili. With his motor pump, Bossou can work full time, even during the dry season. His fish raising activities have also improved as he has nine ponds that contain a total of 12,200 catfish.

“I am grateful to The Hunger Project-Benin for having initiated the Entrepreneurship Promotion Program, which is dedicated to enhancing and developing our business and in turn improve our living conditions and those of our families. I hope the actions of The Hunger Project-Benin will be perpetuated to impact a large number of our people.”


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Published June, 2016