The Hunger Project President and CEO Speaks about Social Sustainability at Roundtable

March 18, 2015

The Hunger Project President and CEO, Åsa Skogström Feldt, was invited to speak at a round-table hosted by Electrolux. The discussion focused on the way in which businesses and other parts of society contribute to social and economic development in new growth regions.

The round-table, “Opportunities and Challenges in New Growth Regions,” was hosted in Falun, Sweden on February 28. The talk centered on opportunities and the role that businesses can play in partnerships with other sectors of society to support positive growth.

Åsa spoke of approaching sustainability work in a holistic way, and recommended partnering with all the different stakeholders that are working to create social sustainability. The key, Åsa explained, is to empower local leadership and engage in an inclusive process with entire communities. In this way, stakeholders can together develop plans that involve local community members as leaders of change who can take self-reliant actions and transform their communities.

Check out a clip of Åsa talking about social sustainability in a global perspective:


View the overview of the talk here: http://www.electroluxtabletalks.com/interesting-discussions-282/