Hunger Project Wins Data Collection Award

June 5, 2014

The Hunger Project programs operate throughout rural regions of Africa, South Asia and Latin America in sometimes isolated communities requiring substantial resources and time to collect high quality, accurate information. Though recording and reporting precise data will always require significant investment and consideration, much time is lost transcribing surveys, interviews, and focus group discussions from paper to a computer for analysis, not to mention the cost repercussions for hiring data entry support.

To meet these challenges, The Hunger Project recently implemented the ThunderPlug® in Ghana, Malawi, Senegal and Uganda.

ThunderPlug® is a compact device that runs the server of iFormBuilder, a cloud-based mobile data collection platform that we use to monitor programs without an internet connection. Not only has iFormBuilder allowed local Hunger Project staff to capture, sync and view data without requiring internet access, they have reduced collection costs, improved data collection accuracy and created a new timely feedback process.

For its exemplary implementation of iFormBuilder with the ThunderPlug®, in May 2014 The Hunger Project was honored to receive the Distinguished Project Award from iFormBuilder.

Said iFormBuilder, “[The Hunger Project’s] dedication to the platform and innovative projects are truly redefining how you do business. It has motivated our team to advance the platform to the next level.”


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