Girls LEAD Act 2021

August 11, 2021
Girls LEAD Act 2021
Girls often have the least access to leadership and decision-making roles, especially in developing countries. Child marriage, restricted access to education and gender-based violence are only a few of the roadblocks to female empowerment. Yet, when women are in power, they have consistently created better outcomes for the entire community. Women leaders tend to promote peace, raise income and economic productivity, and fund health and education. We must give girls a platform to share their ideas and perspectives so they can lead us towards a better future while advocating for their own issues as well.

Only 25% of parliament seats around the world are filled by women.

This is exactly what the Girls Leadership, Engagement, Agency, and Development (LEAD) Act of 2021 hopes to achieve. The bipartisan bill prioritizes girls’ leadership and political participation and aims to support efforts to include girls in decision-making spaces on every level. Part of this effort is promoting evidence-based strategies that prioritize vital knowledge and skills for girls to empower themselves such as mobilizing community and religious leaders, creating safe spaces and making mentors accessible.

Here at The Hunger Project, we support the Girls LEAD Act and take our own initiatives to support girls and women leaders as they empower themselves and their communities. Our approach always starts with women and aims to build their leadership capacity. We expand leadership opportunities, host leadership skills workshops and create safe spaces for girls to speak up about the issues that impact them. Women use their newly found platforms and skills to fight against gender equality, advocate for equal rights and promote gender equality.

Since 2008, over 500,000 women have participated in THP’s leadership training workshops.

We additionally work towards women’s financial independence and encourage entrepreneurship. Most women in developing countries are economically dependent on male counterparts, preventing them from making decisions about their own lives and limiting their access to education and healthcare. When women are able to make and control income autonomously, they invest in their family’s nutrition, health, and education.

Every girl deserves the chance to participate fully in her community and advocate for her rights. THP supports the Girls LEAD Act in uplifting girls around the world to realize their potential as leaders and active members of their communities.

Learn more about the Girls LEAD Act here and read about The Hunger Project’s work with empowered women here.