The Hunger Project-Netherlands was founded in 1980 and has been a successful organization since then. The official office has existed since 2004 and has been on a strong grow path since. The yearly income of The Hunger Project- Netherlands has been growing substantially. In 2012 The Hunger Project-Netherlands increased fundraising to 3.1 million (+32%).

The Hunger Project- Netherlands is raising funds for the projects in the program countries and makes people in The Netherlands aware that it is possible to achieve a world without hunger. To achieve these objectives The Hunger Project- Netherlands focuses on corporations, entrepreneurial individuals and institutional funds through various activities.

One of The Hunger Project-Netherland’s key strategies is working intensively with corporations, who find themselves aligned with The Hunger Project’s mission. We inform private investors and companies with extended networks about The Hunger Project, and motivate them to spread this information within their network and raise funds. The Hunger Project-Netherlands has a special program in Benin, which is fully financed by the Katakle group. This group of investors exists of 60 companies, private investors and entrepreneurial foundations. The Katakle group has the ambition to end hunger in Benin, by focusing on entrepreneurship and self-reliance.

The team of The Hunger Project-Netherlands consists of seven paid staff members and a large group of volunteers. Among these volunteers are designers, photographers, consultants and many volunteers who organize events and raise public awareness in the Netherlands. Because of the great number of dedicated volunteers our office is able to work efficient and keep the costs low.

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