Eusebia Pua Chanchari: Health Promoter

October 7, 2015

Eusebia is from Canoa Puerto, Balsapuerto, Peru. She is 28 years old, and wants to become a Health Promoter. She has a garden, where she plants vegetables and raises hens, and she has always had a passion for learning more about agriculture and proper nutrition. She says that she has “much to learn to be able to teach the other mothers; they don’t know what to do to be better nourished”.

Eusebia has noticed that food is harder to come by than it was before. She avoids visiting the contaminated river because she does not want her children to eat contaminated fish but there are also less animals in the mountains to hunt and feeding her children is not always easy. But, thanks to her home-grown garden, Eusebia has plenty of food to feed her family. She has attended workshops with Chirapaq, where Eusebia has learned how to diversify her family’s diet with new crops from her garden. She is happy to know that her garden is contributing to her family’s food security and she even says that her husband and children appear stronger on this new diet.

Armed with the knowledge she has acquired at Chirapaq and The Hunger Project workshops, Eusebia is enthusiastic about sharing what she has learned with her community. “I now understand about nutrition. And I am going to teach everything to the mothers in my community, because I want to be a leader, and share what I am learning” Eusebia remarks.