Epicenter Strategy Crucial to Rural Bank Development in Senegal

September 21, 2013

senegal diallo.previewMrs. Yacine Diallo chairs the board of the Mpal Rural Community’s Mutual Credit and Savings Facility. Mrs. Diallo is deeply committed to implementing the epicenter’s strategy, particularly THP-Senegal’s microfinance component. In February 2013, she received an award from Mary Ellen McNish in recognition of her incredible commitment to, and exceptional participation, in the movement of the Epicenter Strategy.

The realignment plan for THP’s non-accredited partner rural banks has won total and unconditional support from the members of the Mpal Mutual Credit and Savings facility, thanks to leadership like Mrs. Diallo’s.

Mrs. Diallo has been a key leader in many epicenter activities including the Baby Food Unit and the rural bank.

Mpal’s Baby Food Unit has established a reputation for the quality of its products and receives several baby food orders from partners working on nutrition1, such as Counterpart International and THP-Senegal. Thanks to the unit’s recipes and good management, it started recently to expand the Mpal Epicenter on a piece of land allocated by the local government.

Mrs. Diallo intends to quit her position as Mpal Rural Bank Chairperson soon so that the younger generation can continue her work to build for the future and address major challenges – challenges such as where to develop the new structure where the rural banks of Ndereppe, Dinguiraye, Sam Contor, Diokoul and Sam Contor Epicenters will be based.

1The ingredients used to make the baby food include: millet, corn, palm oil, nuts and beans.

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September 21, 2013