COVID-19 Response & Resources

As the global community continues to adjust to the daily challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we at The Hunger Project remain committed to mitigating its impact.

The core tenets of our work are as relevant as ever. We continue to support the leadership and resilience of our community partners in the face of challenges, mobilizing reliable information and connecting people with needed services.

Since implementing operational and programmatic measures in late February 2020, our global staff and community leaders have:

  • Distributed more than 47,000 public health posters across nearly 600 villages in national or local languages;
  • Reached more than 5.5 million listeners with radio broadcasts on food security and public health;
  • Made and distributed more than 284,000 cloth face masks;
  • Distributed more than 77,000 kg of hand sanitizer and almost 215,000 kg of soap;
  • Organized Hunger Project Water and Sanitation Workshops with about 98,500 attendees;
  • Installed more than 27,000 tippy tap hand-washing stations (mostly in Benin and Malawi); and
  • distributed more than 217,000 food rations to struggling community members.

Learn more about our response to COVID-19:

Response Statement

Read how our communities stepped up to immediately respond to COVID-19.

Taking Hopeful Action

THP-India Country Director Rita Sarin reminds us there is no lockdown on hope.

Our Partners in Action

Browse up-to-date photos from our community-led response.

Our Global Community

Community leaders show extraordinary leadership in fighting COVID-19.

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In February 2020, we took action to keep our international partners and staff safe.

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Build Resiliency

Communities in each country where we work are adapting to new challenges.

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Listen and Learn

Our investors and global staff gather to discuss our COVID-19 response.

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Our partners around the world build resilience in the face of new challenges.

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