Widow Becomes Valuable Community Leader and Advocate for Women’s Empowerment

December 29, 2011

Comfort Ghana Oct 2011_0.previewComfort Nyame (on the left speaking with women from her epicenter community), 52, is a widow with four children from the Oboadze community near Taido Epicenter. She was initially trained by The Hunger Project (THP)-Ghana as a Women’s Empowerment Program (WEP) animator in 2002 and later as a Daycare Attendant. After her training, Comfort worked for the Daycare Center in her community on a voluntary basis until 2009, when the Ghana Education Service recruited her as a paid staff member and put her in charge of the Center.

Thanks to her efforts, the Center was awarded assistance as a beneficiary school under the Ghana National School Feeding program, greatly enhancing the consistency and nutritional value of the meals provided to children at the Center. As a result of her devotion to community work, Comfort has been appointed Secretary of the Taido Epicenter Credit Committee and Deaconess of the Oboadze Pentecost Church, a position through which she will have to the power to reach hundreds of women with WEP awareness activities within and beyond her district.

Besides her work as a community leader and Daycare Attendant, Comfort makes soap and batik tie-dye. She acquired these craft skills after participating in a training workshop organized by THP-Ghana for WEP animators after the completion of their WEP training. Selling these products within her community, Comfort has used the additional income to wire her home with electricity. Recently, she told an audience: “THP has made me what I am today.”

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December 29, 2011