What I’ve Learned From Using Organic Manure

July 23, 2014

sankara.preview (1)I am Sankara Saidou. I am fifty-two years old and the father of twelve children. The village of Singdin, located three kilometers from Boulkon Epicenter in Burkina, is my home. I raise livestock (goats, sheep, chickens and oxen) and farm for a living.

My involvement with the epicenter began in 2009. It is here where I received training in organic manure production. I have since put this knowledge into practice and can speak to the benefits it has had on my sorghum (a type of grain) field:

  • The plants are more resistant to droughts and the physical qualities of the soil have improved.
  • The farming operations were also very easy, and the physiological condition of the plants has been better.
  • I have noticed that my field with organic manure yields twice the amount than my other field without organic manure.
  • The excess fodder allows me to feed my animals, but also use a portion of it for composting.I have been able to harvest twice the amount of cereal crops with the use of organic manure. Making the months of July, August, and September easier.

I thank The Hunger Project for introducing us to new agricultural practices. These practices have enabled our community to increase agricultural production and improve our own food security.

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July 23, 2014