Trained Woman Farmer Uses New Agricultural Techniques

November 15, 2009

kaoui_ziba.previewMy name is Mrs. Kaoui Ziba and I am from Sapouy Epicenter. My age is approximately 42. I have been involved with The Hunger Project-Burkina Faso (THP-Burkina) since the very first time the NGO came to Sapouy. I think that was around September 2006. Since then, I have never missed any epicenter activity, be it meetings, literacy training or training in preventative health…I have always shown a keen interest in anything that aims at helping my community move forward, as THP-Burkina is definitely doing.

Since THP-Burkina included us in its intervention zones, my area, Sapouy has benefited, first of all, from the many workshops the NGO organized and which rightly taught us that true community development, more than anything else, requires preparedness including a vision, a commitment and due actions. The L-shaped epicenter allows us to have greater access to food during the lean season of the year; have access to loans to conduct income-generating activities, and thus increase our household income; attend literacy classes; and be trained in preventative health.

I would like to also mention the agricultural technical trainings we received from trainers sent by THP-Burkina who taught us new techniques including microdosing, warrantage, and growing early maturing improved seeds of pearl millet, sorghum and cowpea.

I thank you and THP-Burkina for the great work you are accomplishing here in Sapouy and everywhere else in Burkina Faso.

Photo: Mrs. Kaoui Ziba, Vice President of Sapouy Epicenter Committee, stands proudly in her field, to which she has applied the microdose technology.

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November 15, 2009