THP Training Helps Epicenter Raise Money for Community Development

September 16, 2013

ghana akwei.preview (1)Mr. Shadrack Asante Akwei is 54 years old and a resident farmer at Wankyi under Adomfe Epicenter. He is married with five children. In 2009, during the construction of the Adomfe Epicenter building, Shadrack was deeply involved in the mobilization of resources, such as carrying sand, gravel, stones and providing labor during the digging of a manhole and KVIP toilet pit.

In 2010, Shadrack was nominated by his community members to serve on the THP seven- member committee in the Wankyi Community and then had the opportunity to serve on the Epicenter Committee. His leadership and mobilization skills were improved after he was trained as an animator in 2011. During the election of the epicenter leadership in July 2012, he was elected as Secretary.

Sadrack led Adomfe Epicenter to establish an oil-palm and cocoa nursery project to generate income to support development projects in the area. This initiative was also to help farmers get easy access to improved oil-palm and cocoa seedlings. He has so far contributed in nursing about 10,000 oil-palm seedlings and 6,000 cocoa seedlings. Through the initiative of Shadrack, the epicenter has been able to realize $2,930.60 from the sale of cocoa and oil-palm seedlings to partner farmers. The epicenter nursery project is estimated to generate an income of about GHC 12,150 ($6,190) to support community development projects.

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September 16, 2013