Simple Cereal Grinder Increases Efficiency, Builds Community of Women

June 15, 2012

burkinafaso2.preview“My name is Panatigri Safiatou. I come from Sinkouinssi, a partner village of the epicenter of Boulkon with THP-Burkina Faso. I am a housewife, and one of the three assessors of Boulkon’s grinding mill. My economic activity is to sell garden products on market days.

Before the epicenter was created, it was very difficult for us to grind our cereals. We women wasted a lot of time using local grinders (cylindrical stones used to grind grains), or we had to walk long ways just to grind our food. The nearest mill was in Arbolé, about 10 kms (6 miles) away from us. All this took us a lot of time and did not allow us to have enough time for our chores.

The women have been feeling relieved ever since the grinding mill was installed in the Sinkouinssi as part of the epicenter’s development outreach. We now spend much less time hand-grinding and can devote more time to other activities, such as income-generating activities or instructional classes. Moreover, these mothers can now more closely follow their children’s performance in school.

The grinding mill is also a benefit to the women from the eight villages that surround Sinkouinssi, who are able to use the mill as well. This brings the women together in and binds us as a community.

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June 15, 2012