Safe Drinking Water Alleviates Worry for Epicenter Community

September 18, 2013

ethiopia ledi (1)Mrs. Sehari Ledi is a member of Enemore Epicenter. She is 43 years old and has six children. Her main source of income is small farming and some petty trade.

According to Sehari, her family has benefited highly from recently completed water projects at Enemore Epicenter. She said:

“My family used to travel long distances to get water from ‘Derke’ river. The river water was barely suitable for drinking because it was so dirty, particularly in rainy seasons. My children used to suffer from various health problems, including waterborne diseases and physical exhaustion from lifting heavy water containers. But currently my family is drinking safe and clean water thanks to The Hunger Project.”

In the past, shortage of drinking water didn’t only affect the health of members of the epicenter community, but also their socio-economic activities. Particularly, women and children had to travel long distances to fetch water from rivers and streams. Sehari confirmed, “…since ‘Derke’ river is located far from our villages, we had to spend most of our time and energy to get water.”

She also said that parents are always worried for their children when they leave their home to get water. She stated, “…mainly in rainy seasons, parents are always worried about their children. Their worries arise from the fear of sudden flash flooding and wild animal attacks while they travel long distances in a forest.”

According to Sehari, currently most of the problems associated with lack of adequate safe drinking water are solved. She assures, “all members of my family can access clean drinking water at any time within reasonable distance from my home. …my children are safe from travelling long distance. I’m free from worrying for my children’s safety while I send them to get water. They can now concentrate on their studies and other activities.”

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September 18, 2013