Rennovated School Draws Students, Teachers

June 15, 2012

ethiopia2.previewBortene School is located in one of the villages of Enemore Epicenter. THP-Ethiopia, in partnership with the community, made major school renovations last year. The school administrator, teachers, students and village administrator witnessed the changes with their own words.

Mr. Tigistu Tekle, school administrator:

“A year earlier, the school’s physical condition was the worst. The school was without foundation, the floor was dusty, the walls not properly plastered and winds got in through the openings. Girls every Friday bring manure to plaster the floor to keep the dust settled and minimize insect bites. This time none of the above listed problems exist, the condition has become completely different; our school is now attractive and healthy…”

Mrs. Genet Zewdie, teacher:

“The condition has completely changed now. It was not conducive for teaching; all the rooms were dusty and dark. There was a high disease incidence among students, many high student school drop outs, and many girls and boys preferred to stay home on Friday since they have to bring manure and plaster the floor. The school had a problem retaining teachers since the school’s condition was bad. Now we teach students with courage and I don’t have plans to leave…”

Abel Sahle and Marta Wolde (students from grade four):

“The school now is a place we enjoy. We are now learning in bright classrooms with cement floors. We no longer carry manure every Friday to plaster the floor…”

Mr. Fantu Shewarega, village administrator:

“The school’s physical condition has completely changed. During the last years, we were the ones requesting the government to assign teachers due to high staff turnover; this time it is the opposite. Teachers from other schools are requesting transfer to our village! Our school now has become an attractive place to students, teachers and parents too. The joint project with THP-Ethiopia brought parents very close to the school. A strong parent-teacher committee has been formed and is engaged in making the school more attractive and working to sensitize parents to send all their children to school…”

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June 15, 2012