Local Moringa Tree Improves Nutrition of Mother and Child

June 20, 2012

benin_0.previewMrs. Christine Kpatali, 22, is from Lèma village of Tré Epicenter. Mother of a baby boy, learned of the outstanding nutritional value of Moringa leaves through a THP-Benin Health & Nutrition Program. After having used the leaves both for herself and the baby, she shares with us her experience with the Moringa leaves.

“I have been using Moringa leaves for three month as vegetable supplement for myself and in the porridge I feed the baby. I can testify that diseases like diarrhea, vomiting and coughing, from which he repeatedly suffered before I started using the Moringa leaves, have since vanished.

I now believe what was said to us about the leaves during the awareness-raising session organized by The Hunger Project-Benin. I have been sharing my knowledge and experience with the other mothers in my village so that many of us could use Moringa leaves.

However, the tree is not as available as we would like. We very often come to fetch the leaves at the epicenter. To improve our access, we plan to plant Moringa tree close to our houses so that we could easily have access to the leaves.”

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June 20, 2012