Local Leader Involved in Microfinance, Education, Epicenter Management

June 22, 2012

Mariame Harouna Bâ is a married woman and mother of two. She learned about THP-Senegal for the first time in 2002 during the informal gathering organized by the THP-Senegal team members in Dahra.

In 2002, Mariame was elected president of the Board of the Namarel epicenter’s Microfinance Program. Since then, she has built her skill set and knowledge through the capacity-building trainings she has received from THP-Senegal. These training sessions focused on the VCA, reproductive health, the WEP and microfinance.

Unchallenged as a leader in the area, Mariame is involved in all the events and development activities of the village of Namarel and its surroundings. She collaborates with the heads of technical services, the representatives of partner organizations, as well as local and customary authorities.

In 2008, Mariame played a distinguished role in the acquisition of a plot of land of two hectares for the construction of Namarel Epicenter, thanks to her collaboration with the local government. In 2009, her capacity of negotiation and mediation contributed to the success of the International AIDS Day, organized in partnership with THP-Senegal, when 186 people were screened, including 120 women, a first in this area due to partner populations in the forestry-pasture area strongly resisting modern medicine.

In March 2011, Mariame was elected at the head of the epicenter of Namarel and decided voluntarily resign from the presidency of the rural bank to better serve the epicenter. Soon after her election, she succeeded in mobilizing men, women, and officials, local and administrative authorities around the theme of “access and maintenance of young girls at schools” during the Internal Women’s Day celebrated with THP in Namarel.

In November 2011, in the framework of the opening of Namarel epicenter’s nursery school, she succeeded in obtaining a female teacher paid by the government from the education authorities. Thus, during her first year in office, she obtained what no other school in the partner epicenters obtained.

Mariame looks forward to the challenges of fully achieving formal recognition of Namarel’s rural bank and epicenter.

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June 22, 2012