In Ghana, Alesia Bua Shares the Many Lessons She has Learned about Self-Reliance

December 14, 2016

Alesia Bua joined The Hunger Project after seeing how it had supported the building of a school and clinic as well as facilitated educational workshops for community members.

Alesia 32, of Aweregya Community at Nsuta-Aweregya Epicenter in Ghana, is a seamstress and participates in petty trade of dressmaking materials. She also farms, using the epicenter lessons on improved farming practices, saying that before, she did not have enough yields, but since learning to plant in rows from The Hunger Project workshops, her yields have improved tremendously. Alesia says the Microfinance Program has really helped her get her dressmaking business going, learn about saving at the epicenter credit union and realize her vision.

She is a particular fan of the epicenter HIV/AIDS workshops saying, “We were very afraid of people with HIV before The Hunger Project. We wouldn’t even speak with them because we thought it was so contagious so we neglected them. We’ve been educated on how to live with them because we were taught how you can contract it. Now we eat and are close and they can move around the village.”

Alesia’s husband also works closely with The Hunger Project as an animator. She says because of his commitment to The Hunger Project, he does not treat her badly at all but rather that he has a great understanding of women’s empowerment.

She works hard to support the education of her children saying, “My children are young. Because of the vision I have for their education, I’ve already started saving for the highest level education so I can have enough money to support them.” Alesia started out with only 30 Ghanaian cedis ($7.61 USD), but now she has 700 ($177.50 USD) cedis saved in her bank account and another 500 ($126.79 USD) as a working capital. She says her family originally only ate a maximum of two meals per day, but now they eat three nutritious meals, often including spinach stew and beans in her children’s rice.

Alesia wants to encourage women all over the world to contribute to the bright future of their children.

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