From Peanuts to Rabbits: A Model for Success in the Microfinance Program

March 22, 2011

Gisèle on Motorbike.previewMy name is Gisèle Azandossessi. I am married with four children and my husband is a farmer. I have been a part of the Microfinance Program (MFP) for three years with nine other women. We call our MFP group Affossogbe, and I am the President. I am also Secretary of the Zakpota Credit Union. Together, I and these nine women conduct the purchase and sale of peanuts to generate income for our families.

Empowered by a Vision, Commitment and Action Workshop (VCAW) in August 2009, I decided to pursue a more profitable activity than just peanuts. I started raising rabbits. I started with a couple of rabbits and, thanks to lessons learned in more VCAWs, increased my farm and my income. With the profits, I was able to purchase a motorbike in January 2010 so that I can now sell my rabbits in town.

My last loan was for 130,000 francs (USD$260). The loans are granted at rates low enough to manage easily and allow me to build my credit within the MFP. My wish is to develop my business and to be a model for other women in my village, so that they are able to make an income through business rather than petty trading and are finally freed from hunger and misery.

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March 22, 2011