Epicenter Food Security Program Offers Alternative Livelihood

September 15, 2013

malawi mwembere.preview (1)Mr. Horace Mwembere is married and has a family of 11. He has been a food security partner since 2009. Prior to 2009, he was burning and selling charcoal. He would walk over 25 kilometers in search of trees to burn charcoal. Despite the charcoal business, his family suffered from chronic food shortages.

“I decided to join the THP-Malawi food security program, where I was trained in modern farming techniques and was given farm inputs on loan. Since then, I have been harvesting two times more than what I used to before joining the program,” said Horace.

“I have now stopped burning charcoal and I have enough time for the family, thanks to The Hunger Project,” he said.

He says his ultimate vision is to build a better house, roofed with corrugated iron, and to purchase cattle.

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September 15, 2013