Amina Kasim Has Attained Financial Independence and Self-Confidence

September 28, 2016

Amina Kasim, 46, a member and shareholder of the Atuobikrom Epicenter Microfinance Program Credit Committee in Ghana, says she was initially afraid to take out a loan because she knew taking credit and not being able to pay it back has its consequences. She finally gained the knowledge and courage to do so, and, to this day, has taken out three loans. Amina is now a business owner, making porridge out of millet for the whole community each morning and growing maize, rice and yams to trade.

Amina has five children of her own, but, since her sister passed away, has been looking after a total of eight. She used to frequently quarrel with her husband when they were tight for money, but since Amina began her businesses, she has become much more financially independent and tension at home has even decreased. She says, “now my husband has seen that my work is helping my family and is very supportive.” He will now happily go to the market to pick up anything she may need for her business because he knows her work helps the family.

Amina says that, through the support of the Microfinance Program, she has taken two of her kids to secondary school. She thought she could not afford an education for her other children, but since taking out a loan and expanding her business, five of her eight children have completed secondary school and two have completed basic schooling. All of her children now have access to an education.

When asked how she feels about Atuobikrom Epicenter graduating to self-reliance in 2016 she said, “I know if I take a loan, I will work, pay it back, and take charge of my own affairs. I have no fears. I have confidence in our leadership and think we’ll be able to continue without The Hunger Project.” Amina hopes to support her children in their hard work towards successful, stable futures of their own.


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