Access to Microfinance and Training Increases Farmer’s Harvest from 6 kg to 3,000 kg

October 1, 2010

image006.previewTheresa Sekyere is a farmer from the Obenyemi Epicenter in Ghana and has two children. For several years she has cultivated approximately one acre of maize each year and obtained less than two bags of harvest (6 kg). Unable to expand her resources, she derived very low output and income from her farm. Working with The Hunger Project (THP)-Ghana, Theresa was able to access microfinance services, which allowed her to purchase the materials and land necessary to cultivate a larger farm.

Since aquiring new land, Theresa has participated in a number of sensitization sessions organized by the Agricultural Trainers of Trainers (TOTs). They aim to raise awareness about the need to adopt improved agricultural practices for higher yields and increased income. As a result she adopted many of the recommended practices, such as row planting, fertilizer application and timely weed control.

This year, THP-Ghana supplied her with inputs and, together with the credit she received from the Microfinance Program, she was able to increase the size of her maize farm from one to five acres with an anticipated yield of 30 bags (3,000 kg). With the additional income, Theresa will be able to pay her children’s school fees and maintain a self-sufficient farm.

Theresa had this to say: “Farming is my life and I am happy to be able to expand my farm size with the microfinance, inputs and agricultural education I obtained from THP-Ghana. This will surely increase my yield per acre this year and enable me to take care of my children in school. I see this change as a miracle coming my way since this year’s yield is going to compensate for all the lost years.”

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October 1, 2010