Message from the President and CEO

December 26, 2017

Dear Friends,

As my own family members are evacuating from fires in Southern California here in the United States, I think of the suffering our whole human family has faced through this year – from chronic hunger to natural disasters and violent attacks. It is a time for all of us to hold one another in our hearts.

Yet, as I hold this suffering, I am also reminded of the beauty of The Hunger Project’s principle of interconnectedness. We are all one human family, and our human family has the creativity, resources and compassion to change the world.

In 2017, we have seen outstanding demonstrations of what our human family is capable of:

53,316 people in communities throughout Africa have declared their self-reliance, meaning that after years of partnering with The Hunger Project thanks to investors and supporters like you, they are now set up to lead the development of their communities.

7,841 women who have been elected to their local village councils in India have transformed their lives through The Hunger Project’s Women’s Leadership Workshop. These women leaders are courageously taking actions to bring clean water and roads to their communities, and to end violence against women.

– In Mexico, our Hunger Project has led efforts to join partner organizations in a nation-wide process to ensure that following the devastating earthquakes this year, reconstruction efforts include women and communities and uphold dignity for all.

– Finally, in Bangladesh, we’ve learned that our fundamental work of transforming mindsets and developing leadership at the local level has supported peace and social cohesion in communities.

These are just some of the examples of how – by investing in people – we can create a world where every woman, man and child leads a life of self-reliance and dignity. Thank you for your partnership and commitment to our global human family.

With gratitude,

Suzanne Mayo Frindt

President & CEO