Meet Bharani Sundarajan!

August 26, 2011

Bharani Sundarajan - India.nodeMonitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officers work in The Hunger Project (THP) Program Countries gathering data from our programs and determining their progress and impact in the field. Their work is crucial in improving and developing new programs for our partners around the world.

Bharani Sundarajan, an M&E Officer with THP-India, is interviewed here by Impact and Influence Officer Carolyn Ramsdell from THP’s Global Office.

Carolyn: How long have you been with THP? And what were you doing before you joined the THP team?

Bharani: I joined THP in 2004 as Executive Assistant to the Country Director. Presently besides these duties, I am in-charge of Grant Administration of THP Partner Organizations along with M&E data management.

Before THP I was working with CASP-Plan International, an International NGO, which aims to ensure vulnerable children live in a safe and enabling environment where their rights are recognized, realized and respected. I was working there as a system officer handling various software related to sponsorship, program planning, evaluation, finance and administration.

Carolyn: Tell us about a specific achievement in the past year of which you are most proud?

Bharani: I have several achievements from this year I am very proud of.

  • Designing of an M&E format for data collection.
  • Timely data collection and submission to Global Office.
  • Monthly report preparations at state, district and block (sub-district) levels.
  • Facilitating feedback from state and partner teams about their work.

Carolyn:What is the most challenging part of your work as an M&E Officer?

Bharani: Helping partners understand the M&E System and its importance in our work. Also, timely data collection from partners in the appropriate format.

Carolyn: What would you like to learn from your fellow M&E Officers around the world?

Bharani: Improved data collection methods and techniques.

Carolyn: Moving away from the requirements of the job, what is your favorite food?

Bharani: I love to eat all kinds of vegetarian spicy food.

Carolyn: And what are some of your interests or hobbies?

Bharani: I am interested in computers, listening to good music, chatting.

Carolyn: Thank you Bharani!

We at THP are proud to have dedicated M&E Officers like Bharani working to empower people and determining the most effective and influential ways of doing so. Take a minute to learn more about some of the inspiring work being done by THP-India and Bharani!