Lotto Winnings Awarded to Sweden’s Girl Platform

July 22, 2014

On June 25, 2014, it was announced that The Hunger Project-Sweden, together with the organizations Crossing Borders and Plan Sweden, was awarded 7 million Swedish krona (USD 1.02 million) from the Postcode Lottery to create the Girl Platform. Postcode Lottery is a lottery designed to raise funds for organizations “that work for a better world” and is a key part of The Hunger Project-Sweden’s investor family. The project is a part of the Postcode Lottery’s special campaign “Sweden – for diversity and tolerance.” Last year, nine projects shared 60 million Swedish krona (USD 8.8 million) for increased diversity and tolerance in Sweden. This year the Postcode Lottery rewarded 10 new projects, including The Hunger Project-Sweden’s Girl Platform.

What is the Girl Platform?

There are many initiatives and organizations working to improve and strengthen girls’ position in society. The Girl Platform is designed to serve as a meeting place for everyone in Sweden who works for the rights of girls and creates a platform to discuss maintaining momentum and building lasting change, both locally and globally. The platform should be an inclusive meeting place for anyone who wants to be part of creating an equal society. The platform creates an arena for the exchange of experiences and enables participants to learn from each other. The project will run for three years with the goal of the Girl Platform living on after the project period has expired. The partnership will be launched on October 11, 2014 for International Day of the Girl.

Gender equality and equal value for all human beings have always been two of The Hunger Project’s primary tools for ending hunger and poverty in the world. In 2000 The Hunger Project in Bangladesh started a network of organizations to celebrate and recognize National Girl Child Day, a day which annually mobilizes tens of thousands of people in Bangladesh at events focused on ending all forms of discrimination against girls. Today The Hunger Project collaborates with local authorities and various local organizations in all Program Countries to prioritize girls’ rights and now we want to do this in Sweden. The work our partners do in Africa, Asia and Latin America has been a great inspiration to Sweden when applying for this grant!

For more questions kindly contact Magdalena Jennstål, Fundraiser for The Hunger Project-Sweden.

July 22, 2014