Green Stoves Improve Health of Community Members in Mexico

June 30, 2014

stove.previewTraditional stoves in the villages where we work in Mexico fill houses with smoke that the whole family breathes in, creating poor health conditions from poor air quality. Traditional stoves also consume a lot of wood, which is oftentimes difficult for our partners to find. The Hunger Project-Mexico recently launched a “clean stoves” or “green stoves” program, an initiative derived from 2013 pilot project with partner Water for Humans.

The clean stoves are designed to remove smoke from the house, having a positive impact on the health of our partners. They also allow our partners to cook faster and save time. The clean stoves save wood too, which generates a positive impact on the environment through the reduction of firewood use and burning of greenhouse gases.

The clean stove program is being implemented in four communities within the Mazateca region in Mexico. These communities were involved in the process of fundraising, planning and construction. Water for Humans trained promoters on how to build and fix the clean stoves, keeping expertise and knowledge in the region. A video (in Spanish) features more information about the clean stoves.

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