Effective Change Through Collective Action

October 22, 2013

The Hunger Project is a proud, founding member of InterAction, an alliance of more than 180 US-based nongovernmental organizations working in international relief and development. InterAction serves as a convener, thought leader and voice of our community. It hosts a variety of working groups focusing collective action on issues, and The Hunger Project participates in groups on health, nutrition, food security (for which we serve as co-chair), gender, the Post-2015 development agenda and relations with USAID.



About InterAction from InterAction on Vimeo.

In 1979, The Hunger Project launched a campaign to mobilize a global response to famine in Cambodia and, in doing so, discovered a profound lack of coordination. An alliance was clearly missing. The Hunger Project convened a symposium in 1980 with the purpose of organizing a community of hunger-response organizations. A small, development-focused network was created, called PAID, and by October 1984, as The Hunger Project was mobilizing action for African famine relief, PAID (Private Agencies in Development) and a refugee-oriented network known as ACVA (American Council for Voluntary Agencies) merged to form InterAction.

InterAction holds an annual Forum, which serves as a catalyst for transformative changes within the NGO community. These have included the shift from a “helping” to “partnership” mindset, speaking with one voice against apartheid, strengthening alliances among African NGOs, setting increasingly high standards of integrity for member agencies and promoting principles of development effectiveness.

The Hunger Project has also participated in InterAction’s Food Security Aid Map, where you can see photos and descriptions of Hunger Project (and many other organizations’) food security programs by searching geographically.

October 22, 2013