Citi Walk-Run-Bike Participant Gregg Morton Shares His Experience

July 31, 2013

Gregg Morton - Citi EmployeeRight now, Citi employees around the world are banding together for a virtual event to walk, run or bike 100 kilometers in 100 days to raise $100,000 toward ending hunger and poverty in our world. With a virtual event, participants raise funds to end hunger and poverty but, instead of participating in a one-day event, they choose when and where to complete their kilometers over a set period of time. Having a virtual event enables people from around the globe to participate and also allows us to invest more of the money raised where it’s needed most: in the villages of Africa, South Asia and Latin America. The following post was submitted by Citi employee Gregg Morton about goals and a day in this movement to end hunger once and for all.

By Gregg Morton

On Sunday, I had set a goal to increase my run from my normal 10k to 15k, in the spirit of the Hunger Project challenge. My route for Sunday runs takes me through Kensington Gardens and around Hyde Park.

As I was completing my first circuit, which would have been the end of my usual run, I was getting tired. I actually thought that I would have to stop. I would feel good about my run, log my normal kilometers onto my personal web site for the challenge and call it a day. However, my second thought was a usual reaction for me, which was “keep going, you are not a quitter” and so I did. But after another 2 km I was really feeling it and ready to give in.

Then I had my third thought. I reflected on why I was truly doing this. I reflected on the fact that after I finished this run I would go home and be safe. I would go home and have a nice fried egg, a nice bowl of oatmeal and as much fruit as I could eat. I reflected again on why I was taking on the challenge – the mission of the Hunger Project. I completed my run that day. I made my goal. And I had lots of gratitude and energy for the rest of the day.

I am thankful I can help in a small way.


An enormous thanks from The Hunger Project family to Gregg and ALL the Citi activists giving their time and passion to the 1003 Citi Walk-Run-Bike for The Hunger Project.

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