Burkina Welcomes Partnership with UNICEF

August 7, 2014

It has been a very exciting summer at The Hunger Project-Burkina Faso. Boulkon Epicenter welcomed the Head of the Health and Nutrition Department of UNICEF and a specialist in community health on June 6. Over the course of their visit they met with animators and health program leaders. Some of the programs they were introduced to included: the nutrition education program, the child weighing and monitoring program and the testing of malnourished children program. The head of Boulkon’s health center was also present and bore witness to The Hunger Project-Burkina’s contributions to improving health and nutrition in the area.

The UNICEF delegates expressed their appreciation for the work being done by The Hunger Project. The head of the delegation made the following remark about their visit:

“The Hunger Project’s actions follow a coherent logic regarding the fight against malnutrition. The nursery school, where children are educated from a young age; the food bank; the promotion of income-generating activities through the rural bank; and the nutrition education all work together to end child malnutrition.”

The delegates assured The Hunger Project-Burkina that they are eager to collaborate on community-oriented projects that continue to advance health and nutrition.

Later in the month, The Hunger Project-Burkina signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Agriculture & Food Security. The agreement aims to accelerate progress towards accomplishing the goals under the Accelerated Growth and Sustainable Development Strategy by the Burkinabe government. It agrees to establish a partnership and collaboration, such that The Hunger Project-Burkina benefits from the technical capacities of the Ministry and its oversight in agricultural activities.

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August 7, 2014