2023 Fall Event: A World Without Hunger

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We are deeply grateful for all who attended this year’s Fall Event. 

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NEW YORK – OCTOBER 21-22, 2023

We invite you to launch a new era
for The Hunger Project.

We are facing the stark reality that, after decades of progress in reducing hunger, the trend has reversed. Hunger has been getting worse due to the effects of climate change, conflict, global inequality and the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, 783 million people are living without access to sufficient food to lead healthy, productive lives.

Humanity has created a global system that continuously creates hunger, and allows it to persist. Girls routinely face being fed less nutritious food than their brothers, and women are systematically denied access to resources. 

It is clear we need a new level of cooperation and collaboration to confront and deal with the complexity of the issues we face today. Together, we can reimagine systems for the benefit of all people and the planet.

Join us in New York City:
– Saturday, October 21, an inspiring evening program
– Sunday, October 22, an educational morning connection 

Featured Speakers

Tim Prewitt

Tim is the President and CEO of The Hunger Project.

Montserrat Salazar Gamboa

Montserrat is the Country Director of Mexico.

Rowlands Kaotcha

Rowlands is the Global Vice President of The Hunger Project.

Aissa Barry

Aissa is the Head of Programs of Burkina Faso.

Badiul Alam Majumdar

Badiul is the Global Vice President of The Hunger Project.

Event Details and Tickets

Saturday, October 21

6:30 pm – 10:30 pm ET
63rd & Park Avenue, New York, NY 10065

Sunday, October 22

9:30 am – 11:30 am ET
Scandinavia House, 58 Park Ave

Saturday Event Details: In Person Only

We invite you to join us for our annual Fall Event on Saturday, October 21, 2023  at the historic 583 Park Avenue in New York City.  Together, we can reimagine systems for the benefit of all people and the planet. Join us for an inspiring evening of possibility as we envision a world without hunger.

Saturday Ticket Types:

Original: $400 

A portion may be tax deductible.*

Original: $350

A portion may be tax deductible.*

For ages 65 and above

Original: $250 

Not tax deductible

For ages 25 and under

Original: $4,000 

A portion may be tax deductible.*

Table for up to 10 attendees.

Sunday Event Details: In Person Only

Make a weekend out of it! Join us Sunday morning, October 22 for A World Without Hunger: A Closer Look, where you’ll have an opportunity to dive even deeper into our work. Light breakfast.

To learn how your company can support and be featured at the 2023 Fall Event please contact brandi.vansickle@thp.org 


Your health and safety is a top priority to us.

Given a recent uptick in infections, we highly encourage all of our guests to take a self-administered COVID-19 test on the day of the event (please note that tests will not be available at the venue, as they were last year). While not required, this simple measure will help to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

Additionally, we welcome and support your decision to wear a mask to enhance your peace of mind while minimizing the spread of infection.

Thank you to our corporate sponsors.

For more information on corporate sponsorship opportunities, please download our sponsorship packet or contact Ashley Schenk at ashley.schenk@thp.org 

*The Hunger Project (ID: 94-2443282) is a nonprofit organization and your purchase/donation may be tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Contact your tax professional to determine deductibility. Your receipt will indicate Fair Market Value, if applicable, for your ticket type.

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