The Hunger Project-Australia was established on June 16, 1983. It has two primary objectives:

  • To educate and raise public awareness in Australia about the issue of chronic, persistent hunger and its solutions through the empowerment of people in the developing world; and
  • To raise and provide funds for these programs in the developing countries where The Hunger Project works.

The Hunger Project-Australia currently has 335 investors, of which 111 are high-level investors. Investors from Australia are currently underwriting seven Hunger Project epicenter communities in Africa and two Australian investors have just recently completed their commitment to underwrite Mozambique for three years with other partners around the world.

The Hunger Project-Australia has created Development Boards in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. These boards are highly effective volunteer fundraising groups. Since their commencement in the third quarter of 2007, they have significantly contributed to our efforts in fundraising, networking and events. Members of the Development Boards are also ambassadors for The Hunger Project, and they play a key role in raising The Hunger Project’s profile throughout Australia.

The Hunger Project-Australia

BULB, 9-19 Elizabeth St
Sydney 2000

GPO Box 2109 Sydney 2001

Phone: +61 2 9222-9088
Fax: +61 2 9222-9533




Make change happen. Invest in people.

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The Hunger Project
110 West 30th Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10001 

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