Zerfe Badebo celebrates success at Mesqan Epicenter in Ethiopia

March 10, 2015

Forty-year old Ms. Zerfe Badebo is an important female leader at The Hunger Project-Ethiopia. She is a member of Mesqan Epicenter and SACCO Committee. She plays a vital role as part of the Mesqan SACCO Loan Subcommittee and Metebaber Multi-Purpose Farmers’ Service Cooperative. Ms. Badebo is proud of her achievements and the achievements of her community, she states,

“Look! This time, we can identify Amharic and English alphabets and numbers. We can read and operate cell phones by ourselves.  We have improved our knowledge in vegetable gardening, soil and water conservation, hygiene & sanitation, and we have better awareness on saving. To tell you the truth, THP-Ethiopia is special to me. It has created access to finance, agricultural input, nursery class for small children, schools for older children, and the FAL program for adults like me and a lot more in many aspects.”