We Are Here to Make a Difference: Women Leaders in Village Panchayats – Vol II

October 8, 2008

Khusboon_small.previewOne hundred and eighteen elected women leaders from India have been profiled in the second volume of Women Leaders in Village Panchayats Vol. II.

As we document these profiles and share them with you we continue to be amazed by the path breaking strides being taken by elected women representatives across the country. These profiles reiterate our faith and knowledge that women leaders are ensuring that children attend school, that their villages are equipped with adequate health facilities and that all sections of the population are aware of and can access government schemes. In short these profiles chronicle the dramatic transformation taking effect in villages governed by these dynamic women. Yet, this transformation is silent, as it goes largely unrecorded.

This compendium is an attempt to ensure that the trials and tribulations of elected women leaders are acknowledged, and their voices are heard. The need to do so is an urgent one, for it may change the destiny of India’s villages.

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October 8, 2008