The Will to Succeed with THP-Benin

March 31, 2010

My name is Ms. Celine Migan. I’m 35 years old, I’m married and I have four young children.

To support myself, I engage in farming, and I also do a little bit of commerce. My husband farms with me, and has a small firewood business on the side.

I have been involved with The Hunger Project (THP)-Benin in the Microfinance Program (MFP) for about five years. Now I’m the president of the Credit Committee for the Rural Bank of Avlame.

I lost my right arm in an incident involving corporal punishment when I was in primary school. Thanks to THP-Benin, I have found hope again; the Vision, Commitment and Action Workshops let me have confidence in myself, my abilities and my potential. I know I don’t have to make a living by begging, as many handicapped people are forced to do.

My first loan was for 20,000 FCFA ($41), and every year I receive an increase of 10,000 additional FCFA ($20.5). My line of credit is now 70,000 FCFA ($144), and I’ve been able to save 8,000 FCFA ($17) of that.

I’ve benefited a lot from the MFP. It has helped me do the work I need to do: to take care of the food, clothing and health needs of my children.

My hope is that the MFP continues helping its members increase their capacities.

March 31, 2010