Through Numerous Initiatives, Djiby Exhibits the Dedication Required to Bring Sustainable Development to Senegal

July 13, 2016

Djiby Sow is a father of five in Ndakhar Peul, a partner village four miles from Mpal Epicenter in Senegal. After primary school and Koranic school, Djiby attended several literacy trainings from  The Hunger Project-Senegal. After The Hunger Project established an epicenter in Mpal, Djiby joined in 1999 as a literacy facilitator, putting on classes for his village for five years.

Committed to developing his village, Djiby attended health trainings in order to become a health extension worker at the new Hunger Project health center. As a devoted volunteer, he has contributed to the development of the center that now has two community health workers, one matron and three extension workers. The health center provides coverage for three epicenter villages.

Djiby also dedicates time to protecting the environment, aware that the land in his area is facing degradation. He spares no effort in raising awareness of the problem in hopes that the community will come together to find a solution.

In 2002, Djiby initiated an association called “Suxaali Tianaldé,” which works in 23 villages and conducts several activities such as reforestation, vegetable gardening, natural regeneration, supply of improved stoves, livestock production and more.

In 2012, Djiby’s efforts paid off with the grant funding of 15 million CFA Francs (almost $26,000 USD) from the Global Environment Fund.

In 2009, Djiby was elected as municipal councilor in what was formerly the Mpal rural community. In 2014, he was again elected as municipal councilor in the newly established Fass commune. He is now chairperson of the commune’s Environment Committee.

Through his numerous, widespread initiatives, Djiby exhibits the dedication required to bring holistic, sustainable growth to the communities surrounding Mpal Epicenter.


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