Ndeye, From Senegal, Starts A Business and Empowers Women to Do the Same

January 12, 2016
Ndeye (right) exhibiting her work

After receiving a certificate in functional literacy Ndeye Ndiaye started her own business and is working to empower women in her community.

Ndeye from Senegal, is using her literacy skills and passion for women’s empowerment  to lead literacy classes and has become a Women’s Empowerment Program Animator in her village.

Ndeye has been organizing regular facilitation sessions and attending meetings held at the Coki Epicenter, where she always gives the attendees an update on the Women’s Empowerment Program in the presence of a Hunger Project-Senegal official. After successive functional literacy training courses and drawing from the Epicenter’s Women’s Support Fund, Ndeye was able to use her little known talent to open a business.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Ndeye Ndiaye opened a sewing workshop at her home in 2010 after a training workshop by PLAN Senegal. She owns two sewing machines, and is mentoring and training two young trainees. Ndeye is the only seamstress in her village and sews clothes for the entire community. She can sew up to five outfits a day, which is a feat in itself, considering she uses a foot pedal machines.

The people in her community know, appreciate, and admire her for her sense of fashion. In the true mindset of a businesswoman, Ndeye buys her supplies in bulk from the city of Touba. She sews ready-to-wear and custom designs at very affordable prices, regardless of the fact that she has no competitors.

Ndeye’s dream is to improve her skills through vocational training, get more machines and open a workshop with a training school for aspiring seamstresses in her village.

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