Learning Starts Early: The Story of Eunice Watsaliranji

December 17, 2014

Access to early education through nursery school has proved to be useful in Champiti Epicenter. For one child in particular, Eunice Watsaliranji, it is evident that The Hunger Project-Malawi’s nursery school has contributed to her academic success. Eunice is surpassing her classmates in primary school because of access to early education. She is now a shining star.

Eunice Watsaliranji is a second born daughter of, Mr. and Mrs. Watsilira, and has four siblings, all of whom are living in Malinda village in Champiti Epicenter.

Two years ago, Eunice Watsaliranji was a pupil at Champiti nursery school. She graduated in 2013 and enrolled at a nearby primary school. At 7 years old, Eunice is excelling in grade one after graduating from Champiti Epicenter Nursery School.

Eunice exhibited her brilliance at the recently organized Open Day by Champiti School, an event aimed at showcasing the scholastic talents of children in grades 1 to 3. This bright young girl surprised many with her reading and writing skills. She was given a passage from a grade eight Chichewa textbook which she read without any difficulties. Eunice impressed many parents who attended Open Day including the guest of honor, Inkosi Champiti, and was awarded a gift.

Surprisingly, Eunice is able to teach her fellow grade 1 classmates, and her teacher often uses her as an example to her fellow classmates, to show them how to use letters to make certain words.

Eunice is a graduate of Champiti nursery school where she was a learner in 2012/13 session. This is just one of the many cases of children who are succeeding in primary school after graduating from the epicenter nursery schools.


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