Dianda Becomes A Committee Member And Expands His Business

June 10, 2015

“My name is Dianda Gombogo, I am from the village of Boulkon in Burkina Faso. I am a peasant farmer with three children. I am 52 years old. I stopped receiving an education when I was in primary school.

Since the creation of the epicenter, I have participated in various epicenter activities and I have become a member of the Food Security Committee. As a member of the Food Security Committee, I am in charge of the popularization of the new technologies. One of these new technologies is advice for food producers on securing practices. Following this advice, many food producers have come to the two food banks in Boulkon and Zoetgomdé to store their cereal. We have recorded 70 beneficiaries, 48 of whom were women, at the two food banks to date.

I am also a food producer myself, and I do some breeding and sell some poultry as well.  After learning about food security at the epicenter, I now know the important new technology. In order to advance my business, I deposited four bags of millet and I borrowed 28,000 CFA francs. After this exchange I was able to buy about thirty chickens which I am reselling gradually. So far I have sold a portions of my chickens for more than 50,000 CFA francs. I sell them each market day in Boulkon. I am also in contact with the breeding service who help me choose products in order to maintain the hygiene and treatment of my chickens so that I may prevent loss due to diseases.

Thanks to the increase of my start-up funds, I believe I am going to gather a profit from my business. In June-July I will get back my bags and the price will increase, giving me a large advantage in the marketplace. This advantage will help me to create a safety stock for my family during the agricultural lean season.

The technology provided by The Hunger Project will further contribute to the food security of our communities. We are looking forward to its large-scale promotion for the years to come. I thank, one more time, The Hunger Project for its support of our communities in the fight to end hunger and poverty.”

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