Cecilia Learns to Read and Write at 62 Years Old and Becomes a Community Leader

April 8, 2015

Cecilia is making the impossible possible.


Cecilia Ankrah was born in the Taido community in central Ghana. She is sixty-two years old and a single parent. Before The Hunger Project-Ghana came to her community, Cecilia had not had any formal education and could not read or write. She was a smallholder subsistence farmer, owning less than one acre of farmland and was living from hand to mouth.

Through The Hunger Project-Ghana, Cecilia met Vision, Commitment, and Action animators who inspired her to join adult literacy classes in order to learn how to read and write. She has since graduated the program. She can now read important information such as medical prescriptions and her bank pass book.

Cecilia started attending epicenter committee meetings and was elected to be part of the food security subcommittee. The knowledge she acquired in the best practices of farming workshop encouraged Cecilia to negotiate for more land from her family head. This has allowed her to increase production and thereby increase her income level.

Cecilia now owns two acres of maize farm, two acres of cassava farm and half an acre of a pepper and garden eggs farm. She has gained confidence and won two strong leadership positions within her community. She is the leader of the Women Fellowship of the African Faith Church at Hansowodze and the Women Organizer for the ruling National Democratic Congress Party of the Taido community.

With courage and determination, Cecilia changed her life is working to improve her community. Cecilia is helping make the impossible possible. 

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