Animator Training Inspired Krisna Das To Create Self-Help Group

July 29, 2015

In 2011, Krisna Das participated in an animator trainings for 1,784 animators in the Betaga Union  in Bangladesh. Through this training she learned that people could be encouraged to think outside the box with the help of particular tools, tactics and exercises.

Following her animator training, Krisna began organizing income-earning activities in her community. Her dream was to have her son become an agricultural engineer, but it seemed an impossible dream as she did not have the financial means necessary to support such an education. It was this goal for her son that motivated her to create community projects, so that everyone in her community could find ways to give their children a better life.

She formed her self-help group in June 2012 with 20 participants. This group has saved 51,000 Taka (US$ 656) to date, which they now give out as loans. Several women have already taken loans with very low interest rates. Using these loans, they have started initiatives like sewing, dairy farming, and poultry farming.

In the last few years, Krisna has started vegetable gardening, poultry farming, and fisherie  projects to increase her income. Her son has been admitted to Patuakhali Agricultural University and she is using her own earnings to pay for his education.

Invest now in women leaders like Krisna.