A Young Woman Learns the Power of Community Building

May 26, 2009

Evelin_AcunaIn Peru, The Hunger Project works in partnership with Chirapaq Center for Indigenous Cultures of Peru, which strengthens networks of indigenous women.

To ensure their goals, four of Chirapaq’s 90 indigenous leaders in the country are driving the revitalization of the Permanent Forum of Andean and Amazonian Indigenous Women of Peru and its regional platforms. These women are active in their organizations and advocates of change, with a high degree of responsibility and commitment to their organizations in the fight against hunger and poverty.

Evelin Acuna, an 18-year-old Quechua, is one such woman. Evelin joined the organization ASMUC (Association of Rural Women of the River Vilca in Huancavelica) with her mother, who often is her supportive partner. Evelin participates in her organization’s activities, including decentralized training workshops developed by Chirapaq with THP.

Born in the community in Huancavelica Moya, Evelin faced food shortages, violence, state indifference, abuse, lack of rights and exclusion. In her own words: “We do not need indigenous social programs that divide us. For us, the training, education, and information about our rights strengthens us, enhances our self-esteem. We realize that we are not poor, as they say, but that our proposals to improve the economy of the family are good and very important. We are able to access government services as long as we ask how we are to be supported, because we just want this support to succeed.”

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May 26, 2009