The Impacts Of Covid-19 On Hunger Project Partner Communities In Senegal

The purpose of this assessment is to measure the effects and impacts of the health crisis caused by COVID-19 on The Hunger Project’s (THP) partner communities in Senegal and to assess their capacity for resilience and ability to overcome the shocks of COVID-19 and the new challenges presented by the pandemic.

The main objective of this study is to conduct a survey of households and traditional leaders in each community, including head nurses, neighborhood or village godmothers (badjenu gox) and epicenter leaders. Additionally, specialists in health and development issues, health relays and leaders of epicenters were interviewed.

This study was carried out with participation from members of Dahra, Dodel, Diokoul, Mpal, Namarel and Yenne Epicenters (THP program work areas). It was carried out by a multidisciplinary team led by the THP-Senegal Monitoring and Evaluation and Learning Officer and composed of other experts, including a journalist and a specialist in field surveys. A total of 267 households spread over 67 villages were surveyed by telephone, given the restrictions in place to control the spread of COVID-19.

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